Why don’t they like me?

Why don't they like me?I realize that this is a simple title for an article…

but this is one question that almost everyone asks me in session during their time with me.

Why don’t they like me?



We work with 5 different temperaments and thousands of various  blends of temperaments.


Each temperament processes rejection differently, so the approach to temperament varies with each individual.


So what does all this mean?…


When a human being faces rejection the first thing that comes to their mind is “what did I do wrong”?


Rejection is painful and it can cause negative reactions in people of varying degrees.


A Melancholy will tend to react to rejection by attempting to get even, or exhibiting anger in various ways.


A Sanguine will tend to swing down into a deep dark dependent mode. They will become depressed and angry.


When a Supine is rejected their loved ones will never know it.  This is because I supine will never show the pains  of rejection.


A Choleric  May show the pains of rejection by being  Very controlling till their loved ones.


A Phlegmatic may show the pains of rejection but you will not see very much of it since they have low emotional energy


Rejection is fear based


Rejection is attached to fear, wherever you see fear you will see rejection, and wherever you see rejection you will see fear.


Has rejection ever caused you to make decisions that you shouldn’t have made?


I know this has happened to me a few times in my life.


Rejection is an emotion that most people will avoid at any cost, including making one of those bad decisions.


Now you may begin to realize why rejection is fear based.


Here is the $10.000 question… Has the fear of rejection Cost you a relationship? Has a cost you a career?


Most likely the answer is a resounding yes!


Each one of the 5 temperaments well process rejection differently, so getting professional help is the way to go.


At Fort Worth Christian counseling we are the experts in the 5 Temperaments.


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