The Married Sanguine

The Married SanguineLotsa love!

The Married Sanguine…If you have married a sanguine then depending on your temperament you are in for a real treat!

Sanguins are they lovers of the five temperaments… and one of their main temperament needs is to show this love to everyone they meet.

A sanguine will shower their mates with love affection attention romance and anything else that they can think of.

We need people!

If you have not seen it yet let me put it into simpler terms, sanguins are people persons.

The Sanguine will become stressed and anxious if they have to be away from people for any length of time.


This is why you will more than likely see your sanguine mate always out and about so to speak


It isn’t that your mate does not want to be around you, but they need people! So don’t be discouraged if you’re sanguine mate is out of the house more than they are in it.

Where the sanguine has difficulties is when they do not receive much love and affection from their significant others.

When we swing down

Sanguins have what we call sanguine swings.


The sanguine will swing from the Independent mode down into the dependent mode where they will be very depressed and angry.

If Sanguins do not get the love and affection that they so desperately need, they can stay swelling down for months weeks and even years

This can cause much difficulty in a marriage but it does not have to!

It’s not all that bad!

Knowing how God wired your sanguine mate will be the difference between a happy marriage and a very stressful marriage.

Getting from unhappy to happy with your sanguine mate isn’t as difficult as you think it


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