The Married Choleric

the married cholericToday I want to talk about the married Choleric.

Let’s talk a little bit about the married choleric shall we?


A choleric is an individual who is a born-and-bred leader!


From the top of their head to the soles of their feet they are born to lead, and they will lead one way or the other.


There are temperaments that are drawn to cholerics. Quite often I find that supines marry cholerics… this is not always the case, but quite often it is.


There are certain temperaments that are looking for people who are decision-makers,

and they tend to be drawn to these types of people.

What about other temperaments?

Please understand that there are other temperaments that make exceptional leaders too.


If we look at The Melancholy temperament, they are exceptional leaders…

but their leadership style is different than the choleric.


Being married to a choleric can be joyful and exasperated all at the same time.

The enlightened choleric

If a choleric understands the gift that God gave them and is willing to dedicate that gift to him

and allow him to build them into the leader that he wants them to be, you will have a world-changer!


All too often a choleric will tend to forget that his gift is from God… this is where a choleric can have difficulties.


If the mate of a choleric is able to learn the specifics of their temperament they will be able to understand why they’re choleric mate is the way they are.


If that’s the same mate learns what their own temperament is then they will learn where the strengths and weaknesses of both of the temperaments are when they come together.


The best most Godly advice that I can get a couple who wonders if their mate is a choleric is to have their temperament profiles taken… and be trained in their understanding combined with the word of God from a professional temperament therapist


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