The Married Melancholy

The Married MelancholyThe Married Melancholy

Today we start a 5 part series on the five temperaments and marriage.

We start with The Melancholy temperament.


The Married Melancholy is a unique individual with a very powerful mind.

Melancholies in inclusion are very deep thinkers, in fact they think deeper than any other temperament.

I personally think that more people that are genius prone are melancholies than any other temperament.

How thinking affects a Melancholy

A Melancholy has a brain that moves very fast.

I often ask a Melancholy how fast their brain is moving and they say

“it’s moving a million miles an hour and it never stops.”

Because they have a brain that won’t shut off they tend to become very moody.

And their mood always follows what they are thinking.

Can you guess what mood The Melancholy is generally in?

Stress anxiety and depression are the three issues that melancholic deal with most.

Self Medication?

Of all five of the temperaments the temperament that self-medicates the most is a melancholy.

Why? Because they are trying to dull the pain and stop the torture of “fast brain syndrome”.

Understanding your Melancholy mate

But how does all of this connect with marriage?

If you are married to a Melancholy and inclusion then you are very aware of what I’m talking about.

I’m certain that you may not understand why your mate is always in the mood that they are in.

You may think that they do not love you or want to be around you.

Maybe they simply don’t like talking to you?

I have some good news for you! None of the above are true.

If we are given enough time to work with a Melancholy in inclusion we can help them change their lives.

We can help the mate of a Melancholy understand why things are the way they are.

We can offer proven steps that will help The Melancholy out of the stress anxiety and depression that they suffer 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A mate who understands why their husband or wife acts the way they do is the beginning to a healthy healed marriage!

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