Guilt and Temperament

Guilt and TemperamentYou may wonder how guilt and temperament can fit together…but they do.

Guilt can lead us to do things and make decisions that we wouldn’t normally do.

Fear follows guilt everywhere it goes because fear connects with guilt especially in relationships.’

Guilt and fear

You may have been in a relationship where a person controlled you with guilt.

This doesn’t always happen but when it does it makes one feel used and rejected or unloved.

You may have a Temperament where you have a low self esteem to begin with,

so when someone lays a “guilt trip” on you it may serve to “prove to you” that you are worthless.

So how does guilt affect decision making?

Guilt and decision making

Guilt can affect the way we handle decisions…in fact guilt CAN affect more than one of the Temperaments

in decision making.

However, we must remember that fear and guilt are good buddies…one motivates the other.

You do things or say things that you don’t really want to do and then feel used and angry afterwards.

So whats the answer if guilt and fear is controlling your life?

Lets look at ideas

Guilt and Temperament

You can be motivated by fear/guilt daily, and at times all day.

Do you recognize any of these signs?

  • You are asked to do something you don’t want to do but you always say yes because you fear rejection or being left alone?
  • You use guilt to “motivate” people to help you when you fear that you cant make the decision to do it yourself or you feel that you will make a mistake and fear rejection?
  • You feel guilty because you tend to “control” with your leadership style then feel guilty for doing so?
  • You feel terrified when you are asked to make a decision and feel guilty that you let people down?
  • You stress over making decisions because you fear that you will make the wrong decision?

If you recognize these signs then you may have a temperament that can be motivated or motivate with guilt and fear.

Don’t feel bad if you recognize yourself here because with these symptoms come some very powerful gifts

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