Healing childhood pains

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Forgiveness …Everyone has childhood memories, some good and some not so good. The good memories? we can sit back with a cup of coffee and think about them and smile. But what about the memories that are not so good? What about the memories that are not so good? Quite often these memories involve a parent or someone that you look up to. Quite often I hear people tell me that they felt like they we’re never able to measure up to their parents’ standards. They felt as if they were failures right from the start.

Everyone has childhood memories

This can put the root of bitterness and pain deep into a person soul that can affect the rest of their life. It can affect your life and your work and job performance, relationships and marriage, even your relationship with God. The pain that this can cause can be devastating to say the least, so how do we deal with this pain? How do we get this pain rooted out of our lives once and for all?

The first thing that I would like you to do is know that whatever pain you suffered as a child rather it be abandonment or physical or sexual abuse, please know that it was not your fault! I realize you may think to yourself but I was a bad child, I was a wild child! You may not have been the most perfect child on the planet but what happened to you wasn’t anything that you earned or deserved.

What you went through involved the pain of somebody else transferring their pain to you. Always remember this quote, hurt people hurt people. Your mother or your father a relative whoever it was that you looked up to was hurting long before they hurt you. 

“Hurt People, Hurt People

Dr W H Penewit

So if you look at it from that perspective you can see that maybe you really did nothing wrong. And if you did nothing wrong you can look at this individual who was hurting and say to yourself “I really don’t know what this person went through or why they hurt me the way they did but I forgive them“.

Forgiveness is something that you think may be difficult for you right now and I understand that but I can walk you through the steps to forgiveness and freeing yourself. Look for the next article where I will deal with learning to forgive during the tough times