Rough patches in a relationship

rough patches in a relationship

From time to time everyone goes through rough patches in a relationship. If that rough patch keeps going on you may wonder is it worth staying in the relationship? When you start thinking about starting a new relationship with another person the thought of it can be exciting. A new life with that new special someone can be very alluring. 

Discovering new things together talking, and the sex would be amazing! All new discoveries with that new person. Just like going on a vacation to a landed never been at before discovering all those new things seeing the sights tasting the food…the list could go on and on…

But there’s more to this than meets the eye. …. Have you really discovered everything with your mate that you could? Obviously the answer to that would be no So what would be the benefit of continuing on I know of couples that have been married 35 years and longer that had had to take the time and the effort to re discover themselves. …. …. and …. The more time that you spend with the person the more you learn about that person

The more time you spend with the person the more “one” that you become. If you really think about all the experiences that you’ve been through with your mate and all the painful things that you have gained victories over together you can begin to see that may be pulling the ripcord on that relationship isn’t really worth it.

As a doctor in the mental health field I can see that rediscovering your mate has all the benefits. I understand it will not be easy because you think you’ve been around that mountain over and over and over. But if you know what to look for we can help you discover things about your mate and your marriage that you never dreamed of.

And just like Job your latter days will be greater than your former