How does being a Word of Faith based mental health therapist make the difference?

the differenceThe purpose of this series is to begin to show you how being a Word of Faith based mental health therapist makes the difference.


If you would ask me the question, are you a Christian counselor?  I would answer with a resounding yes!


Indeed we are Christian counselors because the foundation of everything that we do here at


Fort Worth Christian Counseling and Dallas Christian Counseling


is based on The Bible…The Word of God.


If you look at what Jesus did while he was on earth, you will begin to understand what our mission is here.


Wherever He went there was always an opportunity for him to heal the sick or cast a demon out of somebody.


This is where many Christian counselors get nervous especially when they’re talking about demonic activity where a patient is concerned.


Most Christian therapists simply navigate around this issue out of fear that they will lose their

practice or their respect from the therapeutic community.


Dr Penewit has always made this point clear in his practice that “there is a God and there is a devil too!”


Education alone simply won’t to do it

As I have stated in the last article, we are very well educated and very well certified.  But my personal schooling includes a bachelor’s in theology,

a masters in theology, a master of divinity, and a D.Min (Doctor of Ministry).


My wife and I and Ashley all have certifications through the Sarasota academy of Christian counseling, and the


National Christian Counselors Association which is the largest professional Christian counseling organization in the world…this makes the difference.


The Difference


When a patient is in desperate need of help of course they need somebody who was well trained



but they also need somebody who is well trained in the Word of God where demons are concerned.



This is where most Christian counselors stop because they do not want to be judged as a “demon hunter”



and so these people who are being terrified by these demons have nowhere to go for help.


The Difference is that fort worth Christian counseling and Dallas Christian counseling will deal with demonic activity activity in the life of one of our patients.



I understand that they can go to a church and talk to a pastor but what if they need professional help from a professionally trained and educated Doctor or therapist?


The difference is that my wife Ashley and I have learned how to connect the dots so-to-speak where professional


Word of Faith based mental health therapy and demonic activity is concerned.


The Therapists at Fort worth Christian Counseling and Dallas Christian Counseling are ready to help…


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