How to love

How to loveHow to love


God created us a spirit to show us how to love

How to love…Man is a spirit created in God’s own image…in other words you are just like him!

God loves us and wants to teach us how to love as he does

Knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is paramount in your life!

We all realize there is more to it than just that. I mean…there are things that we want and needs that we have

We cant just float around all day and be happy.

What are these “other needs“?

God gave us a soul to teach us how to love

It’s the kind of love that goes deep into your soul…that connects you with God…your family and especially the one you love.

We can describe this as deeper than just “surface love” it’s the kind of love that “feeds our soul

This is where “soul mate” comes from. Someone who you are so connected to that you feel lost when they are away for too long.

Understand that love starts in your spirit and then drops into your soul.

This is where “genuine love” lives…not just in the spirit but in the soul as well.

Your mate will do doubt see this love as the most important kind of love that you can give.

There is one more place that love must visit in man…and that is THE BODY!

Man lives in a body that is taught how to love

This is where it all gets interesting!

As we learn that love comes from God and that our soul takes that love and places

intimate value to it…then  our body speaks up!

Our body needs it’s share of this love and all too often this is where these needs don’t get met.

Our bodies need love too! It’s the proof that the genuine love from the soul is real.

If we don’t get the “real love” from our mate, then “counterfeit love” will seek us out.

This love NEVER comes from the soul…it comes from the flesh as lust.

Lust is from the devil and he uses this lust to destroy marriages.

If you’ll follow this plan you will find genuine love that is safe and from God!

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