Learning to think

Learning to thinkLearning to think…When I tell someone that I’m going to teach them how to think, quite often I get a strange look.

Actually, learning to think can be more difficult than one can imagine.

There are different types of thought…actually there are so many that I can’t list them all.

What we are going to focus on today is how the different Temperaments think.

With some temperaments thinking or intellect is vital while to others it isn’t quite as important.

Focusing on what type of thought goes best with each temperament can make a major difference in the mind of an individual.

Learning to think within The 5 Temperaments

Lets begin to look at a few of the temperaments and see how they react to the phrase “Learning to think”

Learning to think…Where to think

It may sound funny but “where” a person thinks best is vital to a healthy brain  which keeps “toxic thought” away.

Some people need total solitude and quiet to think. One would think that this would be the best situation for people but it is not!

I’m the type of thinker that needs to hear people talking and I need to see people moving around to think best.

Discovering the best place for an individual to think is worth the time and effort.

Learning to think…the process

Some people have so much going on in their minds that they have anxiety…and this anxiety can cause depression.

This depression will actually control not only the thought pattern of the individual but the mood as well.

This “mood controller” will affect a persons marriage, job and relationships.

For some temperaments this is a step-by-step process…so learning with your temperament is will be the first step.

If you are married, learning what your mates temperament needs are is the next step.

There are things that your therapist will teach you along the way…

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