The mental health therapist at Fort Worth and Dallas Christian Counseling…more than “just counselors”

Isn’t a mental health therapist just a therapist?

The short answer is NO.  I don’t think you can call the mental health therapist just a therapist because each therapist draws on their own education and life experience.  Let’s face it…humanity goes through various experiences in their lives and each experience is different from another person’s experience.


Every time a therapist begins a session with a patient they are drawing from their own life experiences as well as their education


When we look at the mental health therapist and what their gifts are we will begin to understand that a therapist isn’t just a therapist.

Let’s look into the lives of a few mental health therapists that “break the mould”

mental health therapistDr W H Penewit Th.B Th.M M.Div D.Min

If you ask any one who knows him they will tell you that Dr. Penewit is probably one of the most “unique” individuals that you will  ever meet.

Speak to Dr. Penewit just once and you will probably never for get the experience. He states “what I am doing now is probably the last thing that I would’ve ever expected to be doing”

He has always found himself in situations that were impossible…but that is where God comes in!  Living a life of impossibilities will either strengthen or destroy.

Dr. Penewit’s approach to mental health therapy first begins with God! He states ” we are very well educated, very well versed, and very well certified.

We have certifications with the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling, the National Christian Counselors Association and the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists

“Education and certifications are absolutely necessary but that is simply the beginning” states Dr Penewit…

“We are a Word of Faith based mental health therapists which separates us from the rest.”

“There are a few of us around” states Dr Penewit. people like Lisa Winchell in Sarasota Florida who not only has a thriving Word of Faith mental health practice but trains new therapists too….all from a “Word of Faith perspective”.  Although Lisa is very well educated and certified, she deals with her patients from a spiritual perspective as well.  And that perspective always begins with Jesus Christ!  She will use her education but she is also very well versed in deliverance situations.

Women like Rev Linda Penewit C.P.M. who has been in full time ministry all or her life…helps her patients heal from a “word of faith perspective while using education and certifications for God’s Glory.  Dr. Penewit states ” Linda has the most unique approach to humanity that I have ever seen in my life”

Linda has a very keen eye for the hurting…when she sees a hurting soul the Holy Spirit guides her in exactly what he wants done.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit Linda is able to look deep inside the person and see exactly what the difficulties are, and then listen for the Holy Spirit to tell her exactly what needs to be done.  Even though she is barely 5 foot tall she is a giant in the realm of the spirit and knows exactly how to use The Word of God for his Glory.

Women like Rev. Ashley Singh Krueger C.P.M. a therapist with Dr Penewit and Rev Linda Penewit at Fort Worth Christian Counseling She’s preparing herself to deal with situations that most never see…but she sees and looks for opportunities to help people heal from a spirit and soul level.

Check back Friday for part two of this series…next on the list? “How does being a Word of Faith based mental health therapist make you different?”

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