Temperament…what you wish they knew about you

Temperament...what you wish they knew about youWe surround ourselves with people that need to know more about us…in fact for some of us it’s vital.

“What makes me tick”? Humanity has been asking this question since mankind first made its appearance on Earth. Temperament is the answer.

Temperament…what you wish they knew about you

We spend all our lives trying to explain ourselves to people…what we like…what we don’t like and how we communicate.

We want them to know what hurts us emotionally and what scares us. We have self-doubts and low self esteem that causes us embarrassment if others find out.

Somethings we want to hide but other things we long for people to know about us but we just don’t know how to tel them!

What do we tell other people about us and what do we keep private? The task can seem impossible!

What should I tell others about me?

Your Temperament profile will tell you everything you would ever need to know about yourself and most all of it is OK for other people to know about.

How you respond to people and what types of people you respond best to is important…especially if you are working with a group of people who stress you out.

Knowing your Temperament will assist you in being more productive in the workplace. For example…if you are a sales person it would be beneficial to know when you should approach an individual or group during a sales visit.

It will be beneficial to know when to “take a break” of who to stay away from all together.

What about marriage?

The very thing that nearly every married couple feels daily pain and rejection because of the inability to communicate. What if you could KNOW what hurts your mate or what makes them happy? What if you could say the right things that would strengthen your mate and give them hope?

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