How long do I have to wait?


How long do I have to wait? It’s a question that I am asked quite frequently.

The question can cover various topics but most often the question is asked by an individual who wants out of a marriage.

Here are a few of the points that I work with:

You are in a marriage and don’t feel ‘in love with your mate any longer


  1. You feel lonely, rejected, hurt and

you dont think that you can take one

more step.


  1. The path seems so confusing that

you dont know where to do.


  1. You have been talking to a member

of the opposite sex about your

marriage problems and are “falling

in love” with them.


  1. You want to “find yourself” but dont

know where to start.


The list can goon and on but for

the sake of time lets stick with these basics


Lets look at point one. I can

understand that the feeling of love

can diminish during the “hard

times”, but its during these times

that we can develop a powerful



”choosing” to love your mate no

matter what happens will cause one

to seek answers from a certified

christian Therapist and of God and

His Word (The Bible)


Point two can be one of the most

difficult things to endure.

Loneliness can be a killer and its been

proven in research. But it doesn’t

have to be that way.

Learning who you are and how God

created you to be is the first step to

truly understanding the “whys” that

you’ve wanted tn learn.

Point three shows that a couple or

even a single person WILL reach the

point that they simply dont know

where they are in life and dont know

where to go next.

Based on how God created you…

you may be taking a path that you

are not “wired to take.


Point four is a dangerous place to be

because moving toward an affair or

participation in an affair will hurt

you more that you may realize.


Seeking “validation” will open doors

that are best left closed. I’m talking

about ”spiritual doors” that can rob

you of your emotional health, your

physical health and definitely your

spiritual health.


opening spiritual doors will cause

you to change your thought patterns

and change your life in a way that

you may not like once you move

foreward .


If you are in an affair of have

divorces because of an affair and

have been left alone, its never “too

late” to seek God’s forgiveness and

healing. It can be done!


Point five is where the other 4 points

lead to if you want freedom and are

willing to seek it out


Contact us. The professionals at Fort

Worth Christian Counseling can

help you find yourself again and

answer the “whys”