What if everybody is right?

What if everybody is right?

What is right?

All too often in a counseling session it becomes apparent all to quickly that EVERYBODY IS RIGHT and believe it not… NO BODY IS WRONG.

If everybody is right, and no body is wrong then where will the healing come in?

Where will the maturity come in?

I see this scenario play out quite frequently and it almost always causes major difficulties.

The difficulty with this is that it causes rifts in relationships and marriages. It causes a  split in families that really doesn’t have to happen.

Living the life of “I’m always right”

I have seen people who are “always right” live their entire lives believing this.

The confusing part of this is that many times a person can live a seemingly successful life socially and financially.

A member of my family years ago who was “always right” made a statement of truth to me…in fact it was the only truth that they ever told me.

They made this statement ”Doc…my soul is BLACK”

Hearing that statement was a shocker for me…not because I did not believe it but because I never expected I would have ever heard them say it.

Why does a person fight so hard to be right that they become cold and callous?


REJECTION is the number one reason that a person would live a life like this.

It’s not hard to understand because I bet that most all of you suffer from a “spirit of rejection”

This is a spirit that will stay with you all your life if you allow it.

Does God have a “way out” for me?

God has a plan for us that included an eternal love that never goes away…in other words God will never reject you no matter what you do.

Let’s begin by trusting God to love us no matter what we do…by telling him what your fears are.

Lets learn how to talk to God just like we talk to our best friend.

But where do I start you may ask?

We can show you the way and how to begin.

Give us a call today…lets begin this journey together.

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