If you cannot love yourself

  If you cannot love yourself (part one)If you cannot love yourself (part one)

I know you have all heard it before…LOVE YOURSELF!

  • Having trouble loving your mate?
  • Difficulty in seeing them as the blessing that God created them to be?

The problem may not be where you think it is.

Its true that God loves us and he does it very well, but he wants not only wants us to love each other but he wants us to  LOVE Ourselves as well.

Leaning to love

Many “religions” capitalize on this phrase and some not so much.

It seems like a positive thing to do until we look at this from a God perspective.

What is behind this LOVE YOURSELF?

Aren’t we supposed to love God above all else?

Hurt people hurt people

Staff who have been around me long enough  (and most of my patients too) have heard me say this quote. A patient who cant understand why a mate or family member treats them the way they do will understand this quote.

This will  open the door that leads to healing…

Sometimes it’s not just your mistakes

People who have a difficult times loving themselves generally have difficult time loving themselves.

Lets face it…if you don’t trust yourself, you wont trust anyone else either.

This is part one of two blogs that will help you see that you may not be as “broken” as you think that you are.

We will begin to show you where to start and how to progress to maturity. It’s not as difficult as you may think.