How to leave a lover for good (ending an affair)

How to leave a lover for good (ending an affair)How to leave a lover for good (ending an affair)

No doubt about it…ending an affair is one of the most difficult things that a person can do.

Even though there is excitement in the affair, this excitement comes at a very high price. Lets put a few things together that will help you understand my last statement.

Proverbs 9:17 “Stolen water is sweet; And bread eaten in secret is pleasant.”


Lets say your child stole a cookie out of the cookie jar. He knows that what he’s doing isn’t right or he wouldn’t have stole it.

This “stolen cookie” will taste sweeter than the cookie his mother gave him earlier that day.


When the “cookie thief” eats that cookie he is also having an “amphetamine rush” in his brain.

He knows that what he is doing is wrong and so his brain is “paying the price” for his action.

Chemicals are created that bring pleasure to his brain and so the addictive journey begins. He feels drawn to “stolen water”

Matthew 5:28 but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.


Just like the “cookie bandit”, a person who looks on a member of the opposite sex with lust has ALREADY committed adultery with that person.

This doesn’t have to be physical touch, but even something as simple “opening up” to a member of the opposite sex with intimate conversation over coffee or drinks causes the same addictive chemicals in the brain

What this means is that the “damage” is already done. The chemicals that make “stolen water” taste sweet are at work in your brain. The sex is an after thought but one that “seals the deal”.

The sex will be explosive and more than likely the best sex you ever had…but its only because of these addictive chemicals that are at work in your brain.

Just seeing the intended lover even if you haven’t touched or “kissed” them yet causes a dangerous mix of addictive chemicals in the brain.

If this is you but you haven’t touched or kissed the other person, then you need help  ending an affair to overcome what is happening in your brain.

If you’ve kissed or touched the other person (sex included) then you need professional help  ending an affair to bring healing to yourself and your marriage.

Let us assist you on the road to healing…we know that way.