Married? God ALWAYS has a plan!

Married? God ALWAYS has a plan!Marriage is a perfect plan of God for a man and a woman and if we follow His plans it can be beautiful.

We all remember the old saying…” sometimes the best laid plans go awry”
So…does God have plans for a couple when marriage isn’t what they expected?

God’s plan for his children is to be under his covering where it’s safe!

Following his guidelines can make a marriage that dreams are made of.
Pain and fear enter a marriage for various reasons…but if we ask “why” then healing can begin.

At Fort Worth Christian counseling we work with 5 Temperaments.

Each temperament has strengths and weaknesses that we work with.

• Inability to communicate with your mate in a meaningful way
• Never able to agree on things (especially children and money)
• Not wanting to be around people
• Sexual difficulties
• Recovery from and affair
• Recovery from divorce.


As a patient learns their temperaments they know they begin to learn their strengths they learn what they are capable of…whaat they can achieve.
They will also learn about their weaknesses…
they begin to see that they are not “broken” like they think that they are.
The therapists at Fort Worth Christian Counseling can help you achieve your goals, or help you through the pain as well.

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