Privacy in marriage

Quite often I counsel people that want a certain amount of “privacy ” in their marriage.Privacy in marriage


But this privacy can become a burden and even deadly for a marriage between two seemly decent and committed people.


Another way to label “privacy” is to “hide something”


What could a person be hiding?…You’d be surprised!


What I see quite often in these situations is behavioral lifestyles that someone doesn’t want their mate to know about.


It could be alcohol, substances such as drugs or pornography (this is a big one).



The most damaging behavior that a person hides is a sexual relationship with another person besides their mate.


All of this starts with intimate conversation between 2 people, and they don’t want their mate to know about it.


It may seem harmless at first but it quickly transforms into a sexual relationship.


At Fort Worth Christian Counseling we endeavor to learn “why” the secrecy is there to begin with.


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