More people are “sexting”

More people are “sexting”


More people are “sexting” in a committed relationship   In a survey of 826 adults between the ages of 18 and 80, 84 percent of respondents reported that they’ve engaged in sexting — while 82 percent said they had sexted in the past year.

Nearly 79 percent of people reported sexting within the bounds of a committed relationship.

If we look at the anatomy of an affair, we see that actual sex between two people isn’t where the damage is done.

The damage is done when one thinks (meditates) about having an affair with someone even before the two people meet for the first time.

Dreaming about an affair is an addictive mix

Because more people are “sexting” Thinking and planning an affair in ones own mind creates a physically addictive chemical that “locks in” the desire for the affair to begin.

So meeting and having sex between two people is the product of the affair NOT the reason for it.

So dreaming about having sex with that co-worker or old friend is where the damage is done, even if you never contact them.

So what am I hurting? it’s a “harmless” fantasy

The harm comes in when your mate can’t “measure up” to the fantasy lover that you are meditating over. So your sex life with your mate will suffer…and it just gets worse. Soon you will lose interest in your mate sexually.

It really has nothing to do with your mate, it’s that they must compete with a person that does not exist.

Your fantasy lover:

  • Is always there for you emotionally no matter what you may be going through.
  • Will always excite you sexually “just the way you want it”
  • Will never make you angry or frustrated.

We have helped countless couples through this pain, and one thing that we know for certain…

When you do finally connect sexually with your “fantasy lover” the devastation comes in when you realize that they only wanted sexual release and your feelings and emotions had nothing to do with their decision.

If this describes you…there is a way out! Contact us…we can show you the way out.