To a Sanguine…it’s more than just a hug

A Sanguine is a person who expresses their love in a variety of ways.

sanguine personalityIf you happen to know a Sanguine then you know that they can be the sunshine on a rainy day, and they tend to draw people to themselves.

A Sanguine  is always looking for people to help and to love.

To a Sanguine there are many kinds of love and they are a master of each one.

If you really want to understand what makes a Sanguine tick…you must dig deep.

On the outside a Sanguine can appear happy but if you know where to look you will find that hidden pain that can affect a Sanguine in a negative way.

It may seem that a sanguine has an unlimited spring of love and affection to give out, but this “spring” cannot last forever.

The affection that a Sanguine give so freely will eventually cease if their needs are not met.

What a Sanguine needs

A Sanguine has needs that must be met if they are to continue showing the “spring of love” that their mate is used to.

  • The key that will unlock the Sanguine love is intimate communication This communication does not have to begin with sexual communication, (although this is something that they need) This can be as easy as sharing your day with them or revealing some weaknesses that you may have to them. Your Sanguine wants to share your life with you, and the deeper you can go the more they will respond.
  • They will fear being rejected so making sure that they know that they are loved.
  • Sanguines need to be touched, hugged, kissed, caressed, cuddled…and the list goes on and on. Any touch is good touch to them, so hugging them when they are frightened or angry can make all the difference.
  • Sanguines want you all to themselves, but they know this is not possible at times. So, keeping friends of the opposite sex to a minimum is vital.
  • The Sanguine wants to be involved in your life even if they do not understand certain parts of it. An example…you play golf on the weekends, and your Sanguine mate will do just about anything to be a part of that with you even if it means learning the game.
  • Remember that a Sanguine can feel rejection that you may not even know you are showing them so make sure that you keep the communication lines open.

People are the most important thing that a Sanguine needs to keep from being depressed.

If you are a Sanguine who has a career where you are not exposed to people on a regular basis then find a way to expose yourself to people.

Remember that as a Sanguine you may pressure your mate to meet all the needs that you have as a Sanguine, but your mate can only meet a small amount that you need.

How to be a Sanguine in a lonely world

At times, a Sanguine can be lonely even in a crowded room. This is because they need intimate interaction with people, not just being in the same room with them.

The most important thing that the Sanguine can do is develop a deep relationship with The Father 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The deeper that you go into God the more loved that you will feel. This love will never abandon you or hurt you but will always support you and build you up.

This is but a small part of the makeup of The Sanguine Temperament.