I “slipped” now I need help!

I "slipped" now I need help!This is the last thing someone wants to hear themselves saying…especially if they are married.  If you have found yourself uttering this phrase “I “slipped” now I need help!”…then you are no doubt feeling hurt…frightened and hopeless.


What causes a mate to seek intimacy in the arms of another?  That is a very hard question to answer so let’s begin now

In my experience working with others who have walked down this path I realize that it all starts innocently enough.  We all realize that there are times when you will feel emotionally distant in a marriage and there are times when you’ll feel very close to your mate. eventually…many will make the statement I “slipped” now I need help!

Sometimes these emotionally distant times stretch out from days to weeks to months and even longer.  The longer these times stretch the less likely you’ll be to have a desire to work things out with your mate.

These are the times that can be dangerous whether you are working in an office, going to school or just raising a family.  You will need an individual that you just seem to “click” with and you will begin talking to that person.  When days turn in two weeks and weeks turn into months you will find yourself getting closer to this individual.  You will get so close to them that you will begin sharing the intimate details of your marriage with them.

Now, I realize that all of this starts out innocently enough and you don’t realize that you’ve entered the danger zone until it is too late!  You feel drawn for this individual, so much so that you begin looking forward to seeing this individual.

Different Temperaments will handle this temptation differently…so it is vital to get a Temperament Profile taken!

Something is happening inside of you that you don’t realize, all you know is that you are growing increasingly fond of this individual.  All the warning signs were there but you just did not recognize them.

We continue this subject in the next article…look for it Friday Morning!

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