Stress: the #1 killer


Sick of Stress?

It’s the one thing that greets you when you wake up every morning…STRESS. Stress requires your undivided attention and it won’t be satisfied till it gets it.

Stress pounds away at your solitude with questions like “How are you going to pay those bills”? “How did you get yourself into this mess with your mate”?

“No one wants you…you are a reject” “You will NEVER be able to do this”

Stress manifests itself in other ways as well…ways that you cannot seem to counter no matter how hard you try.

Yet there is always an “avenue” that will lead you to that place where stress becomes understandable so that you can find a way out.

I’m not suggesting that I can show you how to remove all stress from your life (although there are a few that I know that HAVE done just that), but I can show you how to manage that portion of your life that is reachable to you…and it’s easier than you may think.

Imagine if you will…that you have to carry around a 50 pound bag of cement all day long wherever you go. There’s no way out of this situation…you HAVE to carry this 50 pound of sand around 24/7.

But what if I could come to you and remove 40 pounds of that cement out of your bag? Life would be so much more enjoyable wouldn’t it?

Lets look at the Melancholy for example…She is a person who has a career working with people. In fact she is around a compulsive amount of people on a daily basis.

But her temperament is stressed greatly when she is forced to be around people.

Or the Sanguine who has a career as a researcher working in a lab alone. He needs to be around people or he will become stressed as well.

There are actually 5 temperaments that exist…and each temperament or “blend” has specific needs that must be met, and will be met.

I say WILL be met because a human being meeting a temperament need is much like breathing…it must be accomplished!

One way or the other a human being WILL find a way to breathe as it is vital to their survival.

It is the same with temperament need…it is vital to life and if these temperament needs are not met, the stress will become unbearable.

The process of meeting one’s temperament needs are simple, however the results are far reaching and life changing.

Learning to meet your temperament needs are not difficult and can be learned in as little as 5 to 7 sessions.

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