The Marriage success you don’t see. Unlocking the prize

The Marriage success you don't see. Unlocking the prizeThe Marriage success you don’t see. Unlocking the prize

This is part 2 of  my series “The Marriage success you don’t see” Unlocking the prize.

You want a successful marriage, but it seems to hide from you whenever you try to make it happen. The step-by-step idea doesn’t excite you either…it seems like “the long way around”.  The “unlocking the prize” phrase denotes a “treasure” that lies hidden from most people. [1]

“Treasure isn’t hidden from the treasure hunter because they know how valuable that hidden treasure really is. So how does this relate to you and your mate? Have you ever wondered whats really inside your husband/wife? You know that there’s some really good stuff in him/her that you want to experience right? And you long for it deep in your heart…knowing that its almost within your reach but you cant seem to grasp that “treasure”.  I know how frustrating this can be because I’ve been there myself.

I learned how to understand my wife many years ago when I was teaching college psych courses. One of the courses that I taught was Temperament. I learned more about my wife after she took the Temperament Profile than most couples know about their mates their whole life. I learned the “whys” and how to communicate with her in ways I didn’t know existed.

I know what many of you are thinking here…”Dr Penewit you have no idea what I’m going through” Don’t be so sure about that! Any person that tell you that they have never had any struggles in their marriage is dreaming. Now I’m not saying that we’ve had a bad marriage because we haven’t. We did struggle like most young couples do, we’ve been through the restless painful nights and the difficult days but we learned where the starting line to healing was. [2]

 Where is the starting line for healing in your marriage? Part 3 will be here is a few days so stay tuned!