The Melancholy Temperament…stress and depresson

Melancholy temperamentMelancholy temperament…Are you a private and serious person?

Do you consider yourself a loner and prefer being alone at home or with family rather than a room full of strangers?

You may tend to distrust people, especially if they are being overly nice to you and tend to think “what do they want from me”?

If this is you, then you probably feel comfortable in small groups, especially if you know the people than in a larger social setting.

You may have a fear of rejection and search for messages that you are not accepted.

You may be easily offended and insulted and tend to vent your anger in destructive ways.

You have a mind that will not shut off

Your mind moves very fast, and it keeps playing like a television causing you to become moody.


You may self-medicate

You may turn to alcohol or drugs to ease the pain…or you may simply try to bear it day to day.

These feelings can be debilitating, but you don’t want anyone to think that you are incompetent or out of control.


Seeking assistance with these problems


For the Melancholy Temperament Seeking assistance with these problems may be difficult for you, but trusting yourself to God is a great place to start.

And so is The Penewit Institute – Fort Worth Christian Counseling…


Dr. W.H. Penewit and his wife Linda are keenly aware of Temperament and just how God “wired” (created) you to be.

Feeling better about yourself is priceless!


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