The Spirit of Rejection

opening a jar

The spirit of rejection closes our eyes and hearts to beauty that is all around us.

Living with a spirit of rejection is like trying to open a jar of pickles…no matter how you try you can’t seem to get that lid off.

If you are like most people that I see, rejection is a major factor in your life.

Rejection strikes a person at a very early age, and sometimes even before you are born.

You were most protected when you were in your mothers womb. But many children are unwanted by their mothers and the children somehow “know” they were unwanted…rejected.

The beauty of life is abundant, but you couldn’t prove that with people who have been living with a spirit of rejection all their lives.

Rejection is a sneaky spirit that doesn’t want to be exposed to the light, so most of us simply learn to live with it and see it as a part of “normal” daily life.

But this spirit does some dastardly things to us…here are a few:

Rejection controls how we love ourselves

This is where the spirit of rejection begins…within our selves.

A fetus can actually “feel” rejection from his/her mother or father before birth.

So as the child grows, that “feeling of rejection” seems normal.

Before friendships are developed this seems “normal” to the child, but as soon as basic friendships are developed, the child begins to see the rejection that was there all along.

Loving ourselves becomes a challenge because we see rejection from other all around us.

We begin to become critical of ourselves without any way to understand where it’s coming from.

As life continues depression can set in.

Every one of The 5 Temperaments deals with rejection in their lives, each differently, but this spirit of rejection can be crippling nonetheless.

The Sanguine

The Sanguine will try to “sell themselves” to others in order to keep from being rejected and the way that they will do this can be dangerous.

The Melancholy

The Melancholy will withdraw from people when they feel rejection which is a form of self-protection.

This self-protection can have deadly consequences if it isn’t dealt with in a Godly manner.

Rejection controls how we love others

It’s difficult to learn to love ourselves if we are dealing with a spirit of rejection, and its difficult to receive love and give love to others.

We often find that it is difficult to love others without feeling that spirit of “the fear of rejection” and “self rejection”

This is ME! What do I do?

Lets start at the beginning here…God made you perfect in every detail with certain “needs“.

Knowing what these “needs” are will show instant results.

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