Of things that never happened

never happenedThings that never happened

Today’s title is rather unique I think…we will talk of things that never happened.

But if one really thinks about it, they will realize that scenarios go through their minds of things that never happened.

The two of temperaments that this affects the most are the Melancholy and the Sanguine temperaments.

This is the devil’s playground so-to-speak…he will plant a seed in your mind that will begin a thought pattern

And before too long these things that never happened become more real than the things that actually do happen.


Separating reality from patterns of thought that never happened

But so what am I talking about?  The Melancholy temperament knows this better than any of the other temperaments.

A melancholy has traits that will cause them to a louse scenarios to go through their mind constantly.

They have a mind that they cannot shut off which causes anxiety.

Melancholies fear rejection and they have a Temperament Need to appear to be competent and in control around others.

And so during the course of the day of the typical Melancholy will feel rejected by coworkers and friends consistently.

This T

emperament projects rejection where none actually exists.

To the Melancholy this is real even though it never really happened…which will cause anxiety and eventually depression.

How does the sanguine fit into all this?

A Sanguine has difficulties in this area just as the Melancholy does.

A Sanguine fears rejection from others just like in melancholy does but in a different way.

A Sanguine is the type of person who is waiting for the other shoe to drop so-to-speak.

They will see their family and friends living their daily lives…

but what they really see is rejection where it doesn’t actually exist.

Even if a Sanguine resolves the issue and realizes they are not being rejected,

they will then create fantasy people/lovers and their mind who will then reject them.


How can I make this stop?

We have been talking about Temperaments here and each temperament has specific needs.

Each Temperament has specific when weaknesses as well…

And if we know what these weaknesses are then we can guide them into freedom.

For example if you are a Melancholy you realize that you have a mind that won’t shut off!

The therapist here at Fort Worth Christian Counseling can teach you how to slow your brain down.

If you are a Sanguine you are always fearing rejection especially from your mate.

We will show you how to see the reality from the fantasy.


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