Things to do when nothing seems right

If you have ever had “one of those days” when nothing seems right?

Would it surprise you to know that I have had weeks and even months like this?

So, what do I do in these situations?   How do I get through these times?

I have learned a few things that keep me going strong no matter.

Let us look at a few of these things.

I always keep God “in the mix” of what I am going through.

In frustrating times, or angry times, frightening or depressive times I always ask God to help me.

Over the 45 + years I have been a spirit filled Christian I have learned to create a dialog with God.

I talk to him just like I would a trusted friend and I DO NOT hold back anger, sadness, frustration, or any of the emotions that I am dealing with.

I have learned that HE respects and enjoys having “talks” with him.

I do not hold back any subject with God, I tell him EVERYTHING

I have learned that holding back the juicy embarrassing things wont help me get to the real heart of the problem.

Holding back from God is just what the devil wants me to do and it keeps me from getting the “healing” answers that I need.

I use “every day” conversational English with him.

These talks are not “formal prayer” but “heart-to-heart” talks.

I have learned that I can get to the point in a more concise manner than if I am praying formally.

I can communicate my emotions clearly when we “converse” carrying on a conversation.

I have learned to listen to what He has to say in response to our “talks”

If we talk to God and communicate with Him, He will listen and respond.

I listen with TRUST and LOVE

I have learned over that years that God longs to hear from me on an intimate level and will give me an answer that:

ALWAYS lines up with His Word (The Bible)

Will never be harsh or abrasive

Will be wrapped up in his Love