When you have had enough

when you have had enoughWhat do you do when you have had enough?

When you have spent every bit of emotional energy that you have, and things just get worse.

You may be angry with someone who had rejected you and you trued to talk to them about it, but they just do not see it.

There may be people in your life that expect you to keep on giving even they know you are hurting…but where are you going to get it from?

And what about the people that may be in your life that just do not care?

How do you process this pain?

There are 5 Temperaments that we work with so we can say that there are 5 mail ways that people deal with emotional pain.

Let us take a look

The Melancholy.

Will attempt to “think things through”

These people are what I call “digital” or “logical thinkers”

These people want to understand why they are being treated the way they are

BUT they try to process things “logically” which causes them to get stuck in a never-ending circle.

This will cause depression that worsens as they try to think it through.

The Choleric.

Will attempt to control the situation by “lashing out” using negative behavior. This causes the relationship to worsen causing lost love and relationships.

The Sanguine.

Will attempt to use physical and emotional forms of love to “fix” they relationship. The other party rarely responds positively causing them to “swing down” into a “dependent” mode.

The Supine.

Will withdraw because the pain is more than they can handle. This emotional pain is indescribable. This pain will cause them to become angry because they do not feel like they deserve to be treated badly. They will “go nuclear” about once a month and “vent” causing the relationship to worsen.

The Phlegmatic.

Has extremely low emotional energy and will emotionally withdraw from the relationship. They seem cold and aloof but simply cannot “keep up” in a negative relationship.

These are only the basics and are deeper than what you have read here.

At Fort Worth Christian Counseling we will run a Temperament Profile on you which will show you the strengths AND weaknesses.

Learn how God “wired” you to be and what your strengths and gifts are.