If you have read part one of this series you know that I have a different opinion about ADD/ADHD and where it really comes from.

Click the following link and watch the video or read the article about temperament needs.

All done? Very good!


Now we can proceed to the good stuff about the Sanguine temperament and how this fits together with ADD/ ADHD.


If you have clicked the link about the sanguine temperament you realize that these people need people!


One of my colleagues who is a strong sanguine in her temperament once said to me…”Dr. Penewit… people are the air that I breathe”

Actually, I have a lot of strong sanguine tendencies in my temperament as well.

I intimately understand “the need to be around people.”


Please understand that there is much to learn about the Sanguine Temperament.

I am touching on some simple points to help you understand why I look at ADD/ADHD the way I do.


People are the key to ADD?ADHD

I’m often asked principals school board members and teachers this question…

” If you place a child with strong sanguine temperaments in the middle of a classroom

with 30 other children what do you expect them to do?”


To a sanguine sitting in a Room with 30 other people is like heaven on earth!

The exposure to people will distract them..this DOES NOT mean that they cannot concentrate.

Personally… when I am at my creative best I am around lots of people,

If I can’t be around people I will have the television on

or I have music playing in the background…This is how I concentrate.


There are steps to take with a sanguine child to help them to concentrate.


I am going to give you one suggestion right now.


There is no doubt in my mind that your child feels as if they are stupid,

as if they are not like the other children because they have possibly been chastised by the teachers for not being able to pay attention.


I find sanguine children to be very deep thinkers. They are not concrete thinkers they are abstract thinkers…

these are the children who want to know why… Most of the time these children will not accept the answer “just because”


If you are an adult or have a child who has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD,

I would like to help you  Understand yourself more completely than you ever thought you could.


I want to help you understand that your ADD/ADHD diagnosed child is a brilliant child!

There is nothing wrong with their thought process!


I trust that I have sparked your interest in this subject.

The rest of the answers that you may be seeking are right here at Fort Worth Christian Counseling.


If this is you…let’s talk

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