Forgiveness, a practical application 2

Forgiveness, a practical application

Let’s continue with part 2 of learning about forgiveness. If you’ve read my last article you remember the question that I asked…

I asked you to consider forgiving the people who abused you…who hurt you deeply

So, if you ask yourself the question what’s in it for me? Here’s the answer.

How would you like to give the  individual or individuals that hurt you an eviction notice?

How would you like to serve them with legal papers demanding that they get out of your thought life and out of your life permanently?

You may think that this involves violent things and to some degree it actually does.

How would you like to give the individual or individuals that hurt you an eviction notice?

If you’ve read my article “Healing childhood pains” where I made the statement “hurt people hurt people” then you understand that people reach out to others to hurt them because they were hurt as well.

So let’s use this as the starting point.

Let’s go to The book of Romans chapter 12 and read verse 18

18 If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.

You are not responsible for what they did to you but you are responsible for setting yourself free from the pain…

Look at this individual or individuals who have hurt you and say to yourself…

“I really can’t understand why this individual did this to me, they must have been hurt deeply to do something like that to another person.”

Now obviously this doesn’t give them the excuse to hurt you but it does gives you the ability to say

“Father I forgive them, they must have really been hurting, and the only thing they could do was to reach out to me in anger.”

So right now I want you to think about these individuals that have hurt you, actually write their names down on a piece of paper. And then one by one take them to The Father and say out loud;

“Father I forgive my dad, my mother, my brother or sister, my relatives, my coach or somebody at school, or whoever hurt or abused me and I hereby forgive them completely in the name of Jesus and they don’t owe me anything. Father please reach out to them and help them to heal even as you are helping me to heal right now in Jesus name amen”.

What you have just done in the realm of the spirit is to completely Release Yourself from the pain and the memories of the past and you have called upon The Blood of Jesus to forgive these individuals which in actuality released you from the memories and the pain of the past.   You’ve given those painful memories of the past a Godly eviction notice

You will begin to see in the days ahead that your life will change… you may be able to sleep a little better, you will approach people a little bit easier, your life will be happier and more fulfilling. 

You’ve given those painful memories of the past a Godly eviction notice

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