Stress and Depression Part 2

stress and depression

Stress and Depression don’t have to control your life!

To reduce stress and depression, guard your thoughts.

Let us look at Proverbs 23:

For as he [e]thinks within himself, so he is.”

Let us talk about what goes on inside our head at any given time.

I know that in times past, what was going on in my head was more like a 3-ring circus.

I did not realize that by not monitoring my thoughts I was allowing things in that I should not even have gives them a second thought.

These “thoughts” were giving my mouth ideas and none of the words that I was speaking were on faith at all.

Remember that verse of scripture that I put up a few sentences back? “Proverbs 23:

For as he [e]thinks within himself, so he is.”

These thoughts were dictating what I was thinking about myself…it was dictating what I was becoming.

AS I began feeding my self “The Word of Faith” from The Bible

I began to see myself in an new light and the stress, anxiety and depression left.

Begin to look at yourself and what thoughts you allow to roll around in your head.

Ask “why” questions.

This is where I will ask you to go on a journey…on a journey to the outer reaches of your existence.

You will need to go on that journey to be able to look back and ask the questions for the thousands of questions that you have been asking all your life.

Some of these questions that have been unanswered are causing you pain…

and some of these unanswered questions have stopped you from reaching the goals that God has set up for you.

Please do not worry here! It is not necessary! God has already got this covered for your life!

Let us look at Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans that I [have for you,’ declares the Lord‘plans for prosperity and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope”.

God has your life set up for you from the day you were born until the day that you unzip your earth suit and more to Heaven.

So here is where it all comes together…this is where you must learn and practice the 3 things that I have shown you.

Begin to ask the “WHY” questions.

Go back to the most painful memories that you can remember, approach The Father in prayer and ask WHY?

  • Ask God WHY you went through that divorce.
  • Ask God WHY you are having a difficult time in your marriage or relationship.
  • Ask God WHY you are being treated badly by your family.
  • Ask God WHY you are stuck in that dead-end job.

The list goes on and on, but god will answer in a way that will fill your every need. Just do not give up along the way in your journey to “WHY.”

To get your answers, but not in a way that you may be approaching them now.

Begin to create a conversation dialog with him just as you are talking to a trusted friend. Use ordinary language with him.

Let your frustrations out and your fears. Tell him what makes you angry…in other words. POUR OUT YOUR HEART TO HIM!

By learning who you are and how God “wired you” how he created you from before time began.

We work with 5 temperaments:

1. The Melancholy
2. The Choleric
3. The Sanguine
4. The Supine
5. The Phlegmatic

Knowing what your Temperament is, what your mate or your child’s temperament is will open the doors to the answers.

It will help you discover the answers to the “WHY” questions.

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