The agony of loneliness part 2

Loneliness…Where do we start?

LonelinessThe husband needs to read the Word (bible) for himself before he can wash his wife with the same water.

Still there may be something missing. If we go back to the first paragraph, we read that God created each one of us unique. How unique? Let us look at things that God uses to makes us the way we are.

God uses 5 temperaments and thousands of various “blends” that makes us who and what we are.  Click the links to learn about each temperament.

The Melancholy
The Sanguine
The Choleric
The Supine
The Phlegmatic

Each of these 5 temperaments will teach you how to communicate with your mate, how to show love and affection to them and much more.

You may be doing or saying things that hurt your mate, but you do not realize it because you don’t really know what they really like and what they do not.

How this helps to heal a healthy relationship.

What you speak and how you speak are a two of the keys to a positive connection with your mate.

How to “tune in” on your mates’ frequency is the key that will open the door to a happy marriage.

Temperament is how God “wired” you to be so-to-speak.

If you knew your mate’s temperament, then you would know how to communicate with them properly.

Have you ever started a friendly conversation with your mate only to have it turn into a shouting match?

Or did something that seemed innocent only to make your mate angry? This happens in every marriage from time to time…but it does not have to happen.

When we run a Temperament Profile on you and your mate, we are discovering how to communicate with each other in 3 main areas… these areas are listed below.

Inclusion…this is where your social orientation and intellectual energy are. Social orientation means how many friends do you feel comfortable with…

if you really like being around people or not, to name a few.

This information is especially important in helping you to understand your mate and why they react the way that they do.

Control is your willingness to make decisions for yourself and other. As you may know…here are leaders and then there are followers.

Which one are you?

If you are a leader do you like being told what to do? Or if you are a follower who does not like to lead, do you feel comfortable leading?

You may be innocently asking your mate to do something that they are uncomfortable doing or something that they simply cannot do.

This will cause problems in a marriage.

Affection This area can be the most misunderstood area and where a mate can be hurt the most. I am sure that you have all heard of “love languages” …

Temperament goes much deeper in explaining exactly how you or your mate needs love and affection.

Having this information can help to heal a hurting marriage or make a happy marriage even hotter and more loving.

I have just “scratched the surface” so-to-speak in explaining what Temperament is and how it works.

Knowing your mate’s temperament will bring two lonely people together again and bring wholeness to your marriage.

If you think that your marriage may be over or hopeless, then you are reading the right article.

Jesus said in Matthew 19:26 that… “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

We must also understand that The Word of God has much to say in regard to life and marriage.

You may be single, dealing with loneliness and have a difficult time finding that special someone…you wonder why you cannot “connect.”

All too often a person will walk into my office thinking that there is “something wrong with them “or that they do not deserve love.

When they learn that what they think is sometimes due to their temperament tendency, and they realize that there is a way out of the pain and rejection that they feel, they see the light of hope for the for the first time in their life.

Many people have felt the the pain of rejection in their lives since they were small children, and that pain has yet to go away.

Wherever you are at in life…Fort Worth Christian Counseling can help you find your way out…help you find the freedom that God wants to give to you.

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