The #1 way to “find yourself”

To find yourself you must understand your temperament.

find yourself in Him

Have you ever heard a person complain about themselves?

Quite often they will say “I want to find myself” but they cannot tell you what that means.

What does it mean for a person to find themselves?

If you think long enough you will come u with a long list of answers.

But these answers will not answer your question. “WHO/WHAT AM I?

To find yourself you must first determine what you are.

All too often people begin this debate by questioning who created them.

If they can figure this out it creates even more questions. Why was I created? Why and I here?!!!!

This thought pattern can create “toxic thought” that brings stress and depression. This can cause a person to question their self-esteem.

This can reach the center of a person’s soul and they may even question life itself.

Dangerous thoughts can occur during this phase of a person who is on a journey to “find themselves.”

“Find themselves” Starting with WHAT you are…God’s plan begins.  

I am sure that you know that God created you, and that he not only created you, but he created you

in HIS OWN IMAGE. This means that you are created just like him! This can be exciting if you ponder this fact.

If you were created in HIS image, then you can do great things like he does.

God expects us to accomplish his plans here in earth…so he places specific gifts in us that are unique only to us.

“Find themselves” You are unique with “God giftings.

Each one of us is created as an individual. Each person since Adam and Eve are created one unique individual.

In all of history there is no one created like you…God planned you this way.

You will begin to get the answer to “who/what am I”

You have a unique gift…a unique life that God planned for you in this planet

and no one person can accomplish this but you.

So…what are these “giftings?” let’s look at a few.

  • A leader (not everyone wants to be a leader…do you?)
  • A thinker. People who are ALWAYS thinking about things.
  • A lover (you have a special way of making others feel loved and wanted.)
  • a person who is creative with media, words, thoughts, music etc.

Obviously, there are many more to list, but these are but a few.

Are you still wondering how people “Find themselves?”

At Fort Worth Christian Counseling we help individuals of all types to get answers to these questions.

Our therapists work with what is known as Temperament. there are 5 main temperaments and many blends of temperaments.

Temperament what is it?

A Temperament Profile is a tool that your therapist will use to help you answer questions about yourself, your mate or children.

  • Do you ever wonder why you say the things that you say?
  • Or do you ever wonder why you do the things that you do that get you into trouble?
  • Are you a parent who “hurts” because your child isn’t happy at school, or doesn’t have very many friends?
  • Do you feel rejected and ignored by your mate or family members and you are “at the end of your rope”?
  • Or maybe you feel like you are not a very social person and feel like it’s all your fault?

Having your Temperament Profile taken will answer these questions and many more.

If you have ever asked yourself the question

why do I make the decisions that I make?”, or “why do I do the things that I do?

then you are asking about your temperament.

God “wired” us a certain way, he “wove us in our mother’s womb” just the way he wanted us to be.

Three ways we can work together: Dallas, Fort Worth, or Online.