The mind is the place where it all starts

 The MindOne thing is certain…the mind never shuts off.

The mind is in constant movement even when you are sleeping.  The mind helps you to create, to think and dream, to love and worship. We can dream about our future and see ourselves in far away lands. Our minds are so complex that  man knows very little about it and  it is the pivotal resource that we have.

We think

The mind is where and how we think…and thoughts are pivotal in how it functions.

I have always stated that The Bible is the “manual” of the brain/mind.  In this book are thousands of verses about how the mind should function and how it should not.  Here are 28 of them

The 5 temperaments have much to say about the mind and how it affects man.

For example…The Melancholy mind is more genius prone than any other temperament.  This temperament uses thought most effectively BUT it can cause more stress than most of the other temperaments.

By now its obvious that we DO THINK but its WHAT WE THINK and HOW WE THINK that  can “make or break a person emotionally.

Negative or “toxic thoughts” can cause the brain chemistry to create a chemical reaction that has negative effects on the human body.

What we think

What we think is a key to taking control of your thinking instead of your thinking taking control of you.

If you cant sleep at night its more than likely your brain refusing to shut your thinking off.  The Melancholy temperament deals with this most every night. So for them its not only what they think, but learning to control their “fast brain”.

The “worry wart” thinker

This will fit all of the temperaments to varying degrees. When we process a thought in our mind (thinking) and cannot come up with a logical answer, we will re-process it over. If we do not arrive at a logical answer we begin to actually change our thought pattern from trying to arrive at a logical answer to WORRY.

Worry is an uncontrolled cascade of negative emotions mixed with a persons through pattern.

This type of thought can be addictive and if entertained by the individual can become the primary thought pattern that they will use daily.

This causes the body chemistry to manufacture chemicals that will cause anxiety, stress and eventually depression.

Depression can become a lifestyle that will eventually take over ones body and soul (mind will and emotions)

OK ! I need an answer! How do I fix this?

The answer is not as difficult as you may think. Lets see what your brains owner manual (The Bible) has to say about this

1. Feed your brain the right food

Look at the book of Romans 12:

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

The renewing begins with reading your Bible at least 15 minutes a day. This can actually CHANGE YOUR BRAIN CHEMISTRY

The world worries but The Bible has promises that work! You do the math here!

God’s Word will help you to “re-wire” your thought processes. Once you begin with 15 minutes a day it wont be long before you will see a difference and add time to your daily reading schedule.  (Personally I have 2 Bible apps on my phone and access of wherever I go) Ill post links to these apps.


2. Learn how God “wired” you.

Here are the 5 Temperaments

  1. The Melancholy
  2. The Choleric
  3. The Sanguine
  4. The Supine
  5. The Phlegmatic

God created us as individual as our fingerprints and learning about this will change your life.

Knowing “Why” you are what you are, do what you do and think what you think will answer most all of the why questions.

Each Temperament has “needs” that must and will be met. So learning these needs is a world changer!

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