Emotions…the number 1 downfall of a relationship

Emotions…the downfall of a relationshipWe live with our emotions in our lives day after day all of our lives.

Emotions can be very beneficial if things are going well, but if things are going bad,

things can change from good to bad quickly.  


What are emotions? 

Basically, emotions are feelings that we feel when we feel good, and what we feel when things are not going well.   

Emotions can be an indicator of what you are thinking about, and they can also indicate what we should be thinking about.  

Thinking or deep thinking also called meditation reveals that there are different levels othought 

I am sure that you have heard the term “passing thought” …which indicates that you are not giving the subject that you are thinking about much thought.  

The difficulty is trusting in emotions is that they rarely represent truth.

 Emotions generally follow the will of the flesh. Our mood or “feelings” feed the desires of the flesh…so the two-work hand in hand.  

Following feelings will never get us into The Wisdom of God, but it will always follow the flesh. 

This will bring disappointment after disappointment in one’s life because they never seem to find the right mate, or the right job, or the right place in the world for them.  

The Father does have a plan for you, and it will bring about happiness and peace as well as wisdom.  

Emotions and mood 

What a person thinks about is what their mood will be. For example, a Melancholy in inclusion will have a mood that always follows their thinking process.

If they think positive happy things, then their mood will be up but if they are thinking negative then their mood will be down or negative.  

What is meditation in the Bible? 

Meditating is like a cow chewing its cud. A cow technically has one stomach, but it has 4 distinct compartments.

And so, a cow chews its cud (food that they have chewed and swallowed) again and again to get all the nutrients out of the food that they have ingested.  

Deep thought or meditation is where one thinks about a subject over and over to get the most out of what they are meditating on.  

Emotions have a short shelf life…that means that they are a one use feeling. When you use it…its gone. But The Word of God follows his love and wisdom.  

His love is not a feeling, but it is a force coming from Him, and so it is a permanent love that never weakens or disappears. 

Now do not get me wrong…God’s love DOES come with emotions and feelings, but those feelings and emotions come from his love and NOT from our flesh.  

How to meditate God’s way 

Meditation on The Word is much like a cow chewing its cud…where you get a verse of scripture or story from The Bible and think about it over and over again.  

Keep thinking and asking The Father to reveal all that he is trying to tell you until you get what you are seeking.  

Where it all comes together 

Any choice in life made by emotions or feelings will eventually lead you to failure of one sort or another. 

Relationships based on feelings will be difficult after the “newness” of a relationship had gone.  

But YOU CAN save a marriage that had an emotional beginning. If you know HOW God wired you” (created you) then you will see your mate in a new light.  

Fort Worth Christian Counseling uses The Temperament Profile that will give you a complete report on how God wired   

not only yourself but your mate, your children and family members.  

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